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Seminars & Workshops

SMU Counseling Program's

Play Therapy Association

"Integrating Neurofeedback & Play Therapy"

When: Tuesday, March 1st 2016


Where: SMU in Plano Bldg. 4 Rm. 100

Tuesday, October 13th @ 7PM

Family Center- Upper Lounge

Lindsay Hollmuller, M.S., LPC, BCB, BCN, NCC

"Finding an Integrative and Multi Modal Approach to Counseling"


Lindsay Hollmuller is a licensed professional counselor and double board certified biofeedback therapist.  As the founder/director of Dallas Integrative Counseling, LLC, Lindsay assists children and adolescents in achieving academic, social, and behavioral success by working with her clients to develop a “toolbox of success”.  From test anxiety reducing techniques, to organizational strategies that emphasize productivity and increase academic outcomes, Lindsay has a natural rapport with children and adolescents.  

Embracing unique personality styles of each individual, Lindsay uses play, activity, cognitive behavioral, and biofeedback modalities to customize unique and multi-modal treatment plans for each child or teen.

Biofeedback In a Therapeutic Setting

When: Friday, August 28th 2015


Where: The Hyatt Place- North Dallas (By the Galleria)

            5229 Spring Valley Rd.  Dallas, TX 75254

Registration: Call (469) 623-7100 or email


  • Learn how evidence-based biofeedback helps clients of all ages with ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Insomnia, behavioral issues & PTSD

  • Learn about the different modalities of biofeedback

  • Learn counseling methods commonly used with biofeedback

  • Learn how to integrate biofeedback techniques with your clients without purchasing expensive equipment

  • Learn ethical considerations when using biofeedback with clients

ADDA-SR 27th Annual Conference

When: Saturday April 28th 2015 4pm


Where: DoubleTree Hotel Dallas near Galleria


Heart Focus:  Using Heart Rate Variability to Treat Attention Deficit Disorders


Presenter: Lindsay Hollmuller MS, LPC, BCN, NCC

SMU's Association of Student Counselors Presents: "Counselors Tell All"


Lindsay Hollmuller MS, LPC, BCN, NCC is proud to represent the field of Biofeedback and Counseling


When: Wednesday, NOV. 5th, 2014 7:30-9:30pm


Where: SMU Plano, Bldg. 4, RM 100.

High-Tech Stress Management: Making Mind-Body Connections with Biofeedback Therapy

Presenter: Lindsay Hollmuller MS, LPC, BCN, NCC

When: August 29th, 2014 9am  Where:  4975 Preston Park 


*  For many of us, stress is a part of daily life.  In some circumstances, stress is good, in others, and in increasing amounts, stress has the potential to be harmful to our mind and body.  Poorly managed stress can lead to illness, social problems and other unhealthy coping mechanisms.


*  This workshop will open your mind and increase your awareness about healthier ways to deal with stress.  Learn about biofeedback, and watch a live demo of this learning technique that enables individuals to gain greater awareness of their physiological functions and reactions to stress.  By observing heart rate, breathing patterns, skin temperature, skin conductance, muscle tension, and EEG brain activity in real-time,  individuals can learn to improve their overall health and performance and to increase stress tolerance.


*  Also, learn about negative thinking patterns, and how to change the way we think about ourselves, others, and the world around us in a healthier manner.  You will leave this workshop with information about how to identify physiological reactions to stress,  and cognitive strategies to improve healthier thinking patterns and stress reduction. 






More To Come!


Check back regularly to see what other Seminars and Workshops we have coming up! 

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