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Counseling Services

Children & Adolescents

Many clients perfer to engage in counseling Individually, however, that doesn't mean that the experience isn't a collaborative one.  As a therapist, I'll help you set goals for a more successful life.  I'll listen to your concerns and assist you in exploring options to improve your situation.

Is your child to teen experiencing trouble at home or school?  Many children and teens can easily become overwhelmed by the pressures of academic performance, social issues, and behavioral expectations.  We have extensive experience in working with children and teens with anxiety and stress managament issues.  We will work with your child/ teen in order to develop a "toolbox" or techniques he or she can use in order to enhance insight, effective communication, stress tolerance and social skills.

Special Interest Groups & Seminars

Group Therapy is an empowering experience.  Group Therapy provides understanding, emotional support, and encouragement.  Many individuals who enter group counseling express a feeling of empowerment, connection and fulfillment.  Groups usually consist of 4-8 people.  Group members benefit from listening, asking questions and contributing to the group topic of the week.  For more detailed information about our groups, please visit our GROUP PAGE.

Throughout the year we provide several different Special Interest Groups, Programs, and Seminars.  Examples include, "Stress Management for the College Student", "Teens & Relationships", or "Biofeedback Bootcamp".  If you are interested in a Special Interest Group or have an idea for a group, send us an email!

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