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BCIA & QEEG Certification Mentoring Programs.


We are proud to provide the best in BCIA approved Supervision & Mentoring for Certification in Neurofeedback.  We have served as "Mentor" to a number of health professionals including Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Medical Doctors, and Students.  We are also proud to provide the best in QEEG Certification Mentoring, as well.  The Mentoring relatiohship is one of guidance and collaboration that promotes the development of skills, knowledge, responsibility, and high ethical standards.

BCIA Certification Requirements

Are you considering Certification in Neurofeedback?  If so, welcome!  The Biofeedback Certification International Alliance is the Gold Standard in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Certification.  We are looking forward to guiding you through this process.


We recommend you review the BCIA Certification Requirements and Mentoring Guidelines before starting this process.  You can find detailed information about BCIA Certification by clicking HERE


BCIA Supervision & Mentoring

As a product of one of the best Neurofeeback training programs in the country, The University of North Texas' Neurotherapy Lab, we aspire to provide the best in Neurofeedback mentoring and training in order to ensure the best trained individuals enter the field.   

We are proud to be a long-time associate and consultant for The Neurotherapy Center of Dallas, the Neurology Practice of Dr. Jonathan Walker, MD.  

For individuals in the DFW area, we are also a hands-on training site. If you already have your own practice, we are happy to come consult with you at your office.  We also provide Skype mentoring and consulting sessions.   




QEEG Certification Mentoring

We are proud to provide the best in QEEG supervision and mentoring.  Our QEEG mentoring will prepare you to sit for the QEEG Certification Board's Exam.  During the QEEG mentoring process our QEEG-Diplomate will review 5 QEEG aquisitions (for Diplomate status 5 interpretations are also reviewed) and will provide feedback to you during the process.  Applicants will be assessed for competence and referred to the QEEG board for exam approval.  Please click HERE for detailed information.


We have teamed up with PhysioData Solutios, LLC who has collected and edited over 6,500 EEG/ QEEG's to date. Our highly experienced expert electroneurophysiologist is a Registered EEG Technologist with the American Board of Registered EEG Technologists (ABRET), as well as a QEEG- Diplomate*.  Receive unparalleled mentoring from a true expert in the field of EEG AND QEEG.  We are QEEG Certification Board approved!


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