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Resiliency Training



Research shows that with individuals with an increased awareness and insight into how they are affected by stress and pressure show the ability to better thrive and survive when faced with obsticles, challenges, adversity, and disappointment. Resilience explains why some individuals have the ability to overcome overwhelming challenges, while others have great difficulty doing so.

Research also suggests that while resilience can at times be innate, resiliency can also be taught and strengthened.


The Resiliency Training Program at Dallas Interative Counseling will help your child, teen, or young adult develop critical problem solving skills, and the ability to develop clear and realistic achieveable goals.  Our specialized Resiliency Assessment by Pearson Clinical Assessments, measures your child's critical resiliency attributes in 3 scales.  

  • Sense of Mastery: optimism, self-efficacy, and adaptability increases the likelihood that the individual will be able to cope with adverse circumstances

  • Sense of Relatedness: Relationships with others and sense of relatedness serve as a buffer against stress

  • Emotional Reactivity: Vulnerability to stress or impact from adversity is related to the individual’s pre-existing level of emotional reactivity


The best part?  IT'S FUN!  Your child, teen or young adult will enjoy the activites and training tools we use to strengthen their resiliency.  We make this process fun, enjoyable and highly rewarding so your child, teen, or young adult will be motivated to come in for their session.  We find that most individuals look forward to it!


Dallas Integrative Counseling is committed to helping our future generations develop the strength and confidence to face whatever challenges might come their way.  Out expertise in self-regulation training and biofeedback will allow us to help your child, teen or young adult develop the necessary tools in order to strive and thrive and "bounce-back" from overwhelming obstacles and challenges. 



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