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Myofacial Pain/ TMJ-TMD 


It has been estimated that approximately 70% to 90% of individuals with facial pain have a primary or secondary muscle disorder.  Biofeedback has clincially been shown to alleviate this muscle pain associated with jaw tension or clenching.  


At Dallas Integrative Counseling, we utilize biofeedback in order to "feed" information back to the client about how their bodies are physically and physiologially reacting to tension, stress and sympathetic arousal.  Through the use of EMG biofeedback, the client and therapist are able to view facial, jaw, shoulder, and back muscle tension in real-time.  The information provided by the EMG Biofeedback educates the individual about thier physical and physiological state.  Along with relaxation training and cognitive- behavioral education, clients see a reduction in pain and negative symptoms.  More importantly, the techniques we use at Dallas Integrative Counseling are techniques and strategies that you can learn to use on your own so that you continue to experience less pain in the future.  


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