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John Camacho

John Camacho is licensed in the State of Texas to practice counseling and also holds a nationally-recognized certification in Rehabilitation Counseling (CRC).  John received his training as a Master in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling from UT Southwestern, where he graduated in 2015.  During his training, he interned at Children's Medical Center and Parkland, working with a variety of individuals.  While John has extensive knowledge of medical conditions, psychopharmacology, and the various etiologies of mental disorders, more importantly, he appreciates that each client he works with is an individual, first and foremost.  Using a variety of evidence-based practices and theories, John is able to elicit positive (or sometimes more realistic) change in his clients, allowing them to live more fulfilling lives.

John has experience working with students of all ages in educational settings as well as students with special needs and learning differences. He has experience collaborating with special education coordinators, teachers, and other individual education program team members. John values the importance of gaining insight into overall student functioning in order to enhance collaborative problem-solving, increase self-reliance, and promote student autonomy.

John has extensive experience working with individuals with chronic pain. Since 2015 John has served as a staff counselor at a functional restoration facility treating individuals with chronic pain. John often collaborates alongside physicians and other providers in order to track client progress and improvement in the functioning of individuals experiencing pain whether due to injury or stress. John uses a combination of ergonomic, physiological and psychological skill sets in order to enhance an individuals strategy “toolbox“ to reduce or control pain and stress.

John continues to be active in the world of training, supporting UT Southwestern's current Master's students, when available.  Additionally, he works to further enrich his own professional knowledge base through continuing education and by actively supporting the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP), where he once held the title of President for the Texas Chapter.  

John is in network with BCBS PPO plans only. 

John sees clients Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

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