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At Dallas Integrative Counseling, we know that getting a good night's rest is important for daily functioning.  We also understand that getting a good night's rest isn't as easy for some as it is for others.  Whether you have difficulity falling asleep, staying asleep, or feeling rested when you wake up, our protocols are designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep more effictively.  


Our integrative approaches include multi-modal therapy techniques to teach you skills that you can learn in session and use on your own at home. Techniques include a variety of Biofeedback techniques, Muscle relaxation techniques, Relaxation Training, and Cognitive Restructuring.  These techniques are used for both Adults & Children, in fact, the process can be FUN, so Children can benefit just as much as their parents.  


By utilizing the techniques taught to you in session, the learning process takes place and physiogical and emotional change is made.  With at home practice these changes will become more permanent.  You'll begin to see improvement in your sleeping patterns, awake more rested, and notice an increase in attention and mood thoughout the day.  Contact us for more information.  We offer a FREE phone consultation.  Here's to a great night's sleep!




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