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Chronic Pain


Biofeedback has been clinically shown to help individuals with symptoms of chronic pain reduce pain, and learn how to take control of their pain.  Biofeedback utilizes several modalities to teach, train, and educate individuals about how their bodies are producing and receiving pain signals.  

In most cases sympathetic over-arousal of the nervous system is a main contributor to chronic pain.  Biofeedback shows and teaches individuals how to change their sympathetic arousal to a more relaxed, parasymapthetic response. Individuals are able to view their physiology in real-time on a monitor and watch how pain affects their muscle tension, body temperaure, skin conductance, respiration, heart rate adn EEG brain wave patterns.  Biofeedback, in combination with cognitive-behavioral restructuring and training has been shown to reduce symptoms of chronic pain and give individuals control over their pain and their lives.  




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