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               TEST EDGE Program


The pressures of academic performance can be a huge stressor for both parent and child.  Dallas Integrative Counseling's TEST EDGE Program by Institute of HeartMath has designed grade appropriate techniques for conquering Test Anxiety & Learning Blocks, and Improving Test Scores.  The best part?  It's FUN!  The Test Edge Program is designed to give your child or teen the tools they need in order to "test their best" without feeling stressed.  *The Test Edge Program, developed by the Institute of Heart Math is research-based and scientifically validated.

Test Edge (Grades 3-5)


In this child-friendly Test Edge Program, we help children learn about stress, how it feels in the body and how to tell when you're feeling "in/out of sync".  Being able to recognize these feelings will allow the therapist to teach your child to change the negative respose to a positive, more engaged response.

Test Edge (Grades 6-8)


The focus of the Test Edge Program for 6-8th graders is Stress Smarts, Test Smarts, and Fact Smarts.  We will explore the attitudes and emotions associated with your child's school work or test anxiety in order to assist in a more collaborative and independent learning experience.

Test Edge (Grades 9-12)


In this Teen friendly Test Edge Program, your Teen will learn about their "Three Brains" and an empahsis will be placed on the Heart-Brain Connection.  *Our extensive experience in Biofeedback is an asset to this portion of the Test Edge Program.  Getting stuck on a test question or homework assignment?  These techniques will help your teen find new options and solutions in order to complete the task.

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