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Chandler Otis


Chandler Otis MS, LPC-Associate under the supervision of Lindsay Hollmuller MS, LPC-S, BCB, BCN is originally from Northern California where she attended Sonoma State University and graduated with her Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Development. While living in California, Chandler worked closely with children, teens and families in therapeutic settings. Chandler has experience practicing Applied Behavior Analysis therapy with children and teens on the autism spectrum, as well.  After moving to Plano, Chandler enrolled in the Masters program of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Southern Methodist University focusing on children and adolescents.


Chandler’s formal education, both undergraduate and graduate, helped prepare her to counsel children and adolescents as well as families. Chandler has had many experiences to supervise and observe other students in her program in courses regarding play therapy and family therapy to provide feedback as well as lead group therapy sessions for clients and colleagues. Chandler has completed her pre-requisite practicum hours is currently an LPC candidate- student intern at SMU, and is pursing her Registered Play Therapy (RPT) specific credentials. Chandler is trained in the use of clinical biofeedback and is pursuing certification.



Chandler uses developmentally responsive techniques and interventions with children who are experiencing difficulties in their life. Her beliefs are that by creating a trusting, empathetic, and understanding relationship, will encourage clients to process inner feelings and experiences within a safe environment. She believes in fostering the individual uniqueness of each child and the growth and development within their environment. Taking into consideration the cultural factors of each child and meeting them where they are in their development, helps to create healthy healing and coping strategies to be used outside of the counseling sessions.  

Chandler is not in network with major insurance plans.

Chandler is currently on leave and is not currently taking new clients. 

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