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Attention Deficity Disorders (ADD/ADHD)

 Attention deficit disorders like ADD and ADHD are the most common behavioral disorders diagnosed in children today.  Children and individuals with attention deficit disorders often:

- have difficulty paying attention

- often squirm or fidget

- show lack of impulse control

- are easily distracted

- often do not finish tasks


Biofeedback has been shown to greatly improve and reduce symptoms of ADD/ADHD in children, teens and even adults.  Most individuals show a reduction in stress and an improvement in impulse control.  Treating ADD/ADHD with biofeedback allows individuals to have more successful experiences at home and in the classroom.  Biofeedback teaches self-regulation and cultivates better relationships and academic and work performance.  Biofeedback allows individuals to veiw and manipulate physiologial responses such as heart rate, skin temperature, skin conductance and muscle tension, in order to improve the relationship between the brain, nervous system, and heart. 


Neurofeedback for ADD/ ADHD

Neurofeedback is an evidence-based, research supported treatment for ADD/ADHD.  Neurofeedback involves the normalization of the brain's electrical patterns or brainwaves.  Individuals of all ages benefit from Neurofeedback for ADD/ADHD.  Click HERE or more specific information about how Neurofeedback can help with ADD/ADHD.


















In combination with behavior treatments, biofeedback and neurofeedback training allows individuals to accomplish short term goals that are lengthened into long term goals and more consistent behaviors.  The biofeedback and neurofeedback training process is fun and innovative. 





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