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Dallas Integrative Counseling is committed to helping individuals of all ages develop the strength and confidence to face whatever challenges come their way.  We value therapeutic alliance and collaborative, integrative perspective to counseling.  We are looking forward to joining you on your journey!

Lindsay Hollmuller M.S., LPC, BCB, BCN, NCC

Director- Dallas Integrative Counseling


Adolescent/ Teen


Play Therapy


Biofeedback & Neurofeedback


Tic Disorders

Pain Managment

Headache & Migraine

Anxiety, Stress, & Hypertension

Insomnia & Sleeping Difficulties

Custom Stress Managment

Custom Stress Management Solutions based on your personal Emotional, Cognitive, & Physiological needs.

Optimal Performance

TEST EDGE Interactive Learning Program

Athletic/ Sports Performance

Resiliency Training

Get "In The Zone" so that you can "perform your best without the stress!"

BCIA & QEEG Mentoring Program

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